COVID-19 Statement

In addition to the government guidelines. It’s Our Time To Shine also has the following procedures put into place for staff, and clients safety. 


PPE will be worn where possible for those that are not exempt. 

Staff may open windows in rooms they work in 

Staff must be the only people working in the room 

Clients & Staff are advised to adhere to 2M distance where possible 


Cross Contamination & Spreading of the Virus 

-Staff/ Clients who could be COVID-19 Positive within the home/ outside home 

-Request that any Staff/ Clients who is symptomatic or living in a household with someone who has a possible or Confirmed COVID-19 test notifies the business/ client immediately 

-Staff to carry hand sanitiser to use before entry and immediately after exit of property 

-Hands with be clean and sanitised on entry to property 



-Staff will travel separately where possible to properties, if unable masks must be worn by all within the car. 

Mixing with previous clients prior to appointment 

-Clothes will be changed where possible, face masks disposed of and gloves disposed of. 

Drinks/ Food 

-Staff must bring their own drinks/ food with them to be drunk/ eaten outside the property 


-All staff equipment will be sanitised before and after entry to property. 

-Staff will not use client’s equipment. 

First Aid 

**Injury to person which prevents staff keeping 2M distance- Major Incident 

-Use PPE, masks, gloves as minimum before assisting. CPR masks are carried as standard on staff members who carry a first aid certificate.  PPE will be disposed of immediately thereafter  


-Staff & Clients must stay communicated if cases arise 

-If someone within the household or someone you have close contact with tests positive, Staff & Clients must immediately notify each other & notify NHS track & Trace 


**High Tiers (Level 3 & Above) 

-Limit contact to all Vulnerable & Clinically Vulnerable Clients where possible or those more susceptible to COVID-19 if unable to do so distance of 2M is required and well ventilated areas/ rooms